john notes lotus’ imcompetence.

after fighting to get lotus notes installed, and it does take a battle — several days worth of repeating the same steps until notes cooperates, i finally got it installed on my tibook. just a few short weeks later, it simply refused to start one day. i reinstalled. no love. again. no love. uninstall, then reinstall. boom.

The installer forces you to quit all your applications whilst it copies files to a single place on the hard drive. why, during this, i am not allowed to have a web browser open, i do not know. (bear in mind, the osx installer requires classic mode for the self-extracting archive which it comes packaged in. ghetto.)

After ruining hours of work by quitting all your application for you, it finally mocks you with a “Installed successfully!”. The explimation point should really be a question mark, because its just a roll of the dice away from dying again.

anyway, after dragging the first installation to the trash, the installer came up with the screen below. that pretty much sums my thoughts up. now on to the task of retraining it to cooperate with me, and launch once in a while.


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